Fully Loaded Asparagus Frittata

Gotta try this!

Cooking in Sens


Jade’s out of school for some reason for another 3 days.  Time to put major food on the table.  She just loves savory tarts and frittatas and I had loads of asparagus.  So……


Don’t tell the vegetarians I said so, but asparagus sauteed with shallots are perfectly edible without bacon.  I don’t want them knocking on my door with copies of Vegetarian Watchtower or something 🙂


But it’s also good with bacon/lardon.  Look at the way I loaded up this “asparagus” frittata!  Hello asparagus, are you there?  Tomatoes are good too.


While I was preparing this I started having these inane thoughts like, “If you talk about adding fresh herbs to a dish, you should be sure to make it clear whether the measured quantity refers to before or after chopping.” and “I wonder what happened to my long jean skirt.”  Instead of sliding down as James Taylor suggests, looks like I’m…

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